Netflix confirms release date and drops teaser for new original Korean series ‘A Model Family’

The crime-thriller series starring Jung Woo lands on Netflix next month

Netflix has announced a release date for its forthcoming South Korean original series A Model Familyalong with its first teaser.

The brief teaser was released earlier today (July 14) to Netflix Korea’s YouTube channel, beginning with a police officer on a case, wondering to herself, “Why am I here? What kind of shit are you up to, and who is that professor?”

The new visual offers a glimpse into the upcoming crime-thriller by upping the ante – from the discovery of a car filled with corpses and dangerous mob connections to gas tank explosions, it all boils down to a man, entangled in the conspiracy that’s afoot, telling his wife: “I’m going to protect you and our family.”


A Model Family is slated to premiere on the streaming platform next month on August 12.

Starring Mad For Each Other’s Jung Woo, A Model Family follows the story of Dong-hwa, once an ordinary man with a nuclear family who used to play by the book, but ends up getting himself embroiled in a number of awful situations after he finds himself at the lowest point in his life when he’s faced with possibly bankruptcy and divorce. He stumbles upon a dead man’s car, and in it, an entire duffel bag filled with cold, hard cash.

Other stars to appear in A Model Family also include Park Hee-soon (Dr. Brain), Park Ji-yeon (Red Heart), Kim Sung-oh (Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area), and more. The series was helmed by Love Alarm 2 and Healer director Kim Jin-woo.

In other news, a new teaser for SBS’s forthcoming remake of the Japanese series Sleepeeer Hit!, titled Today’s Webtoon, has dropped, starring A Business Proposal star Kim Se-jeong as the lead character of Oh Ma-eum. The new comedy series premieres on July 29.