Netflix announces release date for upcoming fantasy series ‘Hellbound’

Check out the new trailer here

Netflix has revealed release date of its upcoming fantasy series Hellbound with a brand-new trailer.

Starring Yoo Ah-in, Hellbound is a fantasy-thriller series set in a dystopian, alternate reality version of Earth, where supernatural creatures suddenly appear and start dragging everyday people to hell.

Yoo portrays Jung Jin-soo, the leader of a new religious cult named ‘New Truth Society’, who preaches that the arrival of “executors from hell” is a revelation from God. The series also features Park Jung-min (Start-up) as broadcasting producer Bae Young-jae, who investigates the religious group and Kim Hyun-joo (Watcher) as lawyer Min Hye-jin, who stands up against its followers.


In the new teaser, Yoo greets the world through a live broadcast where he explains the phenomenon to his viewers. “First, an angel appears with a prophecy. The angel says the name of the recipient first. Then, they are told when they will die, and that they are bound to go to Hell,” he states calmly.

“When the time comes, the executors of Hell fulfil the prophecy,” he continues, as patrons at a café watch the broadcast with skepticism. However, one man nervously keeps track of the time on his mobile phone, and trembles in fear as the clock hits 1:20pm.

Mugs fall from shelves as the earth shakes, and the “executors of Hell” burst in through the glass windows, and begin their violet pursuit of the man. They eventually catch him, leaving behind nothing but his charred skeleton.


Hellbound is set to premiere on November 19 and will be available to stream on Netflix. The series is helmed by Train to Busan director Yeon Sang-ho, and is based off of a webtoon of the same name, which was also written by Yeon. It will run for a total of six episodes.


Last month, Hellbound made history as the first-ever Korean television series to be invited the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). The series premiered during the “Primetime” section of the 46th TIFF, which took place from September 9 to September 18.