Netflix Korea to implement new verification process for reality show participants

Following recent controversies surrounding contestants of ‘Physical: 100’

Netflix Korea’s content team manager has shared that the streaming platform will introduce new verification procedures for the participants of its upcoming reality shows.

Today (April 4), Netflix Korea held an event at Community House Masil in Seoul, South Korea, where content team manager Yoo Ki-hwan discussed the platform’s upcoming slate of reality shows and how participants of these projects will be selected.

“As much as love as our show received, I think there were viewers who were not satisfied with it,” Yoo said per News1, referring to a recent string of controversies surrounding the contestants and allegations of result manipulation of the reality competition series Physical: 100.


“I think the issues of school violence and equipment defects in the finals of Physical: 100 [were discussed] as much as the series was loved, and I am constantly thinking about how to overcome this,” Yoo shared.

“Regarding the issue of verifying [the backgrounds] of participants, Netflix will be going through more procedures than we did with previous shows. We collect participants’ records and also have specialised psychiatrists monitor their stress levels,” he explained.

“Like the US office, we also obtain the participants’ consent to do social media checks. Most crucially, we also have a process of penalising participants in the event that they lie during our interviews with them,” Yoo added.

“Nevertheless, I feel sorry that there were issues left unresolved, and I think it is necessary to constantly think about how to satisfy all our viewers.”

Following the airing of Physical: 100 earlier this year, several contestants on the show have come under fire for their alleged past behaviour. These include school bullying accusations, alleged assault and battery charges and intimidation, per KoreaJoongAngDaily. Some of these contestants have not been publicly named.

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