Jeon Yeo-bin questions reality in the trailer for upcoming Netflix original series ‘Glitch’

The upcoming mystery series is due out next month

Netflix has released a trailer for its upcoming Korean original drama series Glitch, starring Jeon Yeo-bin, Nana and more.

Jeon Yeo-bin (Vincenzo, Alienoid) stars in the new trailer as Hong Ji-hyo, a young woman who refuses to acknowledge the existence of aliens.

“Just because i can see it, doesn’t mean I can believe it. The only thing i need to believe in is myself,” she declares, even as a strange alienoid figure begins following her around. The clip goes on to reveal Ji-hyo’s ongoing investigation of a string of mysterious disappearances, including her own boyfriend.


Due via Netflix on October 7, Glitch follows the character of Ji-hyo after her boyfriend goes missing following his encounter with an unidentified light in the sky. Since his disappearance, Ji-hyo begins to trace her boyfriend’s whereabouts. With the help of Heo Bo-ra (Nana) and the members of a UFO club, Ji-hyo begins to uncover a huge secret.

Notably, Glitch’s screenplay was written by Jin Han-sae, previously behind the hit Netflix series Extracurricular, which premiered in 2020. The upcoming mystery K-drama is also helmed by director Roh Deok, known for her previous work on movies The Exclusive: Beat The Devil’s Tattoo and Very Ordinary Couple. Glitch is set to be Roh Deok’s first series.

In other news, Parasite star and this year’s Cannes Best Actor winner Song Kang-ho has confirmed his first Korean drama role in his 32-year-long career. Production company Slingshot Studio confirmed to the press earlier this week that Song had accepted a role in its forthcoming series titled Uncle Sam Shik.

The 10-episode order will follow the “bromance” between a pair of longtime friends, Sam Shik and Kim San, who survived South Korea’s turbulent 1960s period together.