Netflix adds ‘Tilit-Tilit Cinta’ to programming, marking platform’s first Sarawakian content

‘Tilit-Tilit Cinta’ originally aired in 2021 on local Sarawakian TV

Netflix has added Tilit-Tilit Cinta (Spying Your Love) to its programming, making it the  first programme on the streaming platform in the Sarawakian dialect.

Today (September 16), the Sarawakian romantic-comedy series began streaming on Netflix. The programme’s inclusion on the Netflix roster is the result of efforts from the show’s distributor, MyContent Distribution, in making Malaysian entertainment accessible to an international audience.

In a launch party commemorating the release, MyContent managing director Lyn Nasihin stated: “Our goal at MyContent Distribution is to expand the creative content industry in Malaysia by distributing local creative content to global streaming platforms.”


Tilit-Tilit Cinta was first aired on Sarawakian channel TVS in October and November 2021, and was developed as a recipient of FINAS’ Digital Content Grant Fund. The 13-episode series is based on the theatre production ‘Latiff vs. Maryam’ by playwright Arshad Adam, and revolves around the love story of two protagonists, Ujang and Merry, played in the series by Haziq Fadhullah and Dee Dee A’iene respectively.

According to TVS’ official website, the two characters unwittingly meet on the top of a building, following Ujang’s termination from his job and breakup with his girlfriend on the same day. Following a “misunderstanding”, the pair end up embarking on a relationship that would “change their lives” and have them “find happiness”.

Watch the trailer for the series below:

‘Tilit-Tilit Cinta’s’ addition to the Netflix roster is the latest announcement of the platform’s developments in Southeast Asia. Recently, the streaming giant announced a number of upcoming original Indonesian content during its Waktu Netflix Indonesia event, including Nightmares and Daydreams, a sci-fi thriller series from acclaimed director Joko Anwar, Gadis Kretek, a period romantic drama set in the country’s 1960s cigarette industry, and more.

Today, Netflix also began streaming Mat Kilau in time for the platform’s Malaysia Day celebrations. The historical drama, which has become the highest-grossing movie in Malaysian history, raked in MYR90 million in box office sales since its June premiere and allegedly saw its director being offered MYR7 million by Netflix for distribution rights to the film.