Netflix’s Thai drama ‘Girl From Nowhere’ begins production on season two

The Chicha Amatayakul-starring mystery thriller will return soon

The hit Thai drama Girl From Nowhere is set to return for a second season, Netflix has confirmed on Monday (August 24).

Premiered in 2018, the mystery thriller series follows a girl named Nanno (played by Chicha Amatayakul), a transfer student who arrives at a new school to expose the atrocities on campus, from bullying incidents to faculty misconduct and secrets between classmates.

The sophomore season will feature stories inspired by real-life events and will continue Nanno’s adventures to avenge the victims. Production for the show has already begun in Bangkok.


The announcement dropped alongside a chilling teaser, in which Nanno warns viewers of her return. An official release date for the new season of Girl From Nowhere has not yet been confirmed.

Check out the teaser below.

In a press statement, Amatayakul said she is excited to reprise her role for the second instalment. “I’m grateful for all the support I’ve been receiving since the show landed on Netflix,” she said. “It’s been a pleasure to present this unique series to fans around the world. Thank you again for bringing Nanno back to life. I won’t let you down!”


The first season of Girl From Nowhere is now streaming on Netflix. Check it out here.