‘Why Her?’: Hwang In-youp and Seo Hyun-jin’s fates are entangled in new trailer

The new mystery-romance K-drama premieres on SBS later this week

SBS has unveiled a new trailer for its forthcoming mystery-romance K-drama series, Why Her?.

The new visual begins with a close-up shot of a chalkboard that reads: “Oh Soo-jae. I will never let my clients go to prison.” It then cuts to a young Soo-jae being appointed as the lawyer of a young boy accused of murdering his stepsister, who, in spite of Soo-jae’s best efforts, ends up being sentenced to ten years in prison despite the actual culprit being caught later.

It’s implied that an older Soo-jae (played by Dr. Romantic’s Seo Hyun-jin) sees a 180-degree transformation in personality following the incident – she’s no longer friendly and warm; she’s now cold and merciless before the court of law. After being sent to teach at a local law school, she crosses paths with student Gong-chan (The Sound Of Magic’s Hwang In-youp), who slowly but surely endeavours to unravel Soo-jae’s real self.


The new series will follow cunning lawyer Oh Soo-jae, who has grown to be cold-hearted and self-righteous after dedicating her life to pursuing career success. She is also the youngest ace partner at leading law firm TK Law Firm.

Meanwhile, Gong-chan is a law student who possesses a level of empathy despite his painful past. Why Her? begins to unfold upon his fateful encounter with Soo-jae, who at that point has been kicked out of her position as an affiliated professor at his law school due to an unforeseen incident.

Why Her? will also see a supporting cast featuring Snowdrop‘s Heo Jun-ho, My Roommate Is A Gumiho’s Bae In-hyuk, Jirisan‘s Ji Seung-hyun and more. The series is scheduled to premiere on the South Korean network SBS on June 3 at 10pm KST, airing every Friday and Saturday evening thereafter.