Noel Fielding reveals new comedy series about legendary highway robber

He's defined mostly by his "charm, showmanship and great hair"

Noel Fielding has announced a new untitled comedy-adventure series for Apple TV+.

The Mighty Boosh and Great British Bake Off star is set to play Dick Turpin, the legendary British highwayman.

A description of the forthcoming show reads: “Dick is the most famous, but least likely of highway robbers whose success is defined mostly by his charm, showmanship and great hair.


“Together with his gang of loveable rogues, Dick rides the highs and lows of celebrity – and does what he can to escape the clutches of the Thief Taker General.”

No other cast members have been announced yet and a release date remains unconfirmed, stay tuned for more information as it comes in.

The project will be directed by Ben Palmer (The Inbetweeners Movie) while Claire Downes, Stuart Lane and Ian Jarvis of The Outlaw have written and created the show.

Fielding recently featured as a team captain on the revival of Never Mind the Buzzcocks which aired last year.

Greg Davies, who hosted the revival, said of Fielding that the comedian “continues to weave his magic that he’s done in previous incarnations”.


Comedian Jamali Maddix who acted as regular weekly panellist, switching teams each episode, was also described by Davies to NME: “He’s like a comedy owl. He’ll sit there thinking quietly for a minute and then say something that absolutely decimates the place.”

Fielding’s new show shot a successful pilot last October, but there’s no confirmation on when a shoot for the full-length project will begin.