‘Now, We Are Breaking Up’: Song Hye-kyo and Jang Ki-yong discuss their chemistry

The upcoming romance drama premieres later this week

Song Hye-kyo and Jang Ki-yong have opened up about working together ahead of the premiere of Now, We Are Breaking Up.

On November 10, the SBS series aired its pre-recorded press conference prior to its November 12 premiere. The press conference had been prepared well in advance, as leading actor Jang Ki-yong had been scheduled to begin his mandatory military service in August.

“Jang Ki-yong is well-mannered and kind. When I said something, I liked how he tried his best to get it done,” said the veteran actress of her co-star, per Soompi. Song added that she felt Jang had perfectly embodied his character, Yoon Jae-guk. “I thought, ‘Our chemistry is going to be great moving forward.’”


“I’m so thankful to Song Hye-kyo. Even now, I still can’t believe that Song Hye-kyo is next to me. It was even more fascinating when we were working together in front of the camera,” replied the model-turned-actor.

Jang went on: “I was nervous during our first filming but she was so considerate on set. When I joke around, she’s like a close older sister, but when we start filming, she’s an impressive actor who turns into Ha Young-eun (Song’s character).”

Now, We’re Breaking Up is a romantic drama directed by Lee Gil-bok (Dr. Romantic 2). The series revolves around Ha Young-eun, a realistic and disciplined fashion designer, and freelance fashion photographer Yoon Jae-guk as they navigate love and break-ups.

The series premieres on SBS TV from November 12, and will be available to stream on Viu.