Watch a thrilling new teaser for ‘Numbers’ starring Kim Myung-soo

Also starring former MOMOLAND member Yeonwoo

South Korean television network MBC has released a new teaser for its upcoming K-drama series Numbers.

Numbers is set to star Kim Myung-soo of INFINITE, in his first role after being discharged from the military, as the newest hire of a major accounting firm in South Korea. The series will also star Choi Jin-hyuk (Zombie Detective), Choi Min-soo (Extracurricular) and former MOMOLAND member Yeonwoo.

The teaser opens Choi Min-soo, who plays the vice president of the Taeil Accounting Firm, giving a speech at a podium: “I sincerely welcome you all to join as members of Taeil Accounting Firm, the best and strongest firm in Korea.” Choi then looks out into the crowd and locks eyes with Kim Myung-soo, as intense music plays in the background.


It then cuts to Kim entering the office on his first day of work, where he meets Choi Min-soo and Yeonwoo. The teaser also features an fight scene from when Kim’s character was a high school student, as well as a thrilling car chase scene.

Numbers is set to premiere on MBC this June. International availability for the K-drama has yet to be announced.

In other K-drama news, KBS2 has released a new teaser for its upcoming K-drama series, Heartbeat. The upcoming fantasy series will star 2PM member Ok Taecyeon as Seon Woo-hyeol vampire-human hybrid who desperately wants to become fully human.

Meanwhile, Taecyeon’s 2PM bandmate Lee Junho is set to star in a new JTBC series called King the Land opposite Girls’ Generation‘s YoonA. Watch two teasers for the upcoming series here.

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