OMEGA X’s Jaehan and Yechan to lead upcoming BL K-drama series

'A Shoulder To Cry On' is set to premiere this September

OMEGA X members Jaehan and Yechan have been cast as leads in a brand-new BL (boys’ love) K-drama series.

Yesterday (May 18), The group’s label SPIRE Entertainment announced in a statement to Sports Kyunghang that the two OMEGA X singers will star opposite each other in an upcoming BL web K-drama. The forthcoming series will be based on the popular web-comic A Shoulder To Cry On, alternatively known as Cheer Up Boy.

A Shoulder To Cry On follows Lee Da-yeol, a student with dreams of becoming a professional archer. He crosses paths with and eventually falls for Jo Tae-hyun, one of the most popular students, who avoids his true feelings due to emotional wounds from his past.


For the TV adaptation of the web-comic, Jaehan is set to star as Da-yeol, while Yechan will portray Tae-hyun. The series is currently set to premiere sometime in September. More specifics regarding the series’ release, supporting cast and more are expected to arrive in the coming months.

OMEGA X also announced plans last week to return with new music in June, per Soompi, with SPIRE Entertainment hinting at the boyband’s upcoming title track to showcase a never-before-seen facet to the rookie group.

Their upcoming release will be their second domestic release of the year, after dropping their sophomore mini-album ‘Love Me Like’ in January, led by a title track of the same name.

OMEGA X made their debut last June, with their debut mini-album titled ‘Vamos’, featuring a lead single of the same name. Notably, the group is comprised of members who have been part of various other K-pop acts in the past. The members hail from now-disbanded groups like 1TEAM and 1THE9 to boybands that have been on extended hiatuses, such as Limitless and SNUPER.