‘Ozark’ ending explained: showrunner discusses major character death

Beware of spoilers

Ozark showrunner Chris Mundy has opened up about the shock death of a fan-favourite character in the finale – beware of spoilers below.

The new episodes, ending the fourth and final season, premiered last week, and brought the death of Julia Garner’s character Ruth.

Mundy recently told Entertainment Weekly that the idea of Ruth’s death to close the show “developed over time”.


He explained: “It just became pretty clear as we came out of episodes 11, 12, something like that, as we were breaking the final ones, that this is what would happen to that character in that place in that situation, having done what she did in episode 8, that that sort of authentic ending was that.

“So then it was just a matter of trying to figure that out, making peace with that or just saying, ‘Okay, that is what would happen, but we don’t want it to happen, so we’re going to do something else instead.'”

On Ruth’s legacy and how he discussed the outcome with Garner, Mundy went on: “This is the end of the show, so the character lives on in the same way, even if she’s not out in a fictional world.

“In a lot of ways, we both kind of hope — I certainly hope — that in some ways it makes her a more memorable character, just because she had this end, and hopefully at least her last moment was brave and on her own terms.”

Meanwhile, the Ozark finale was recently voted the worst ever episode by viewers. The full season is now streaming on Netflix.