Park Ha-sun’s agency denies the actress’ involvement in fraud controversy

KeyEast claims that the actress does not have any "personal involvement" with an alleged fraudster

Actress Park Ha-sun’s agency has denied claims that she’s involved in a recent fraud controversy.

KeyEast, the entertainment company representing Park, has refuted allegations of the actress’ involvement to a man, identified only as Mr. Kim, who had recently been arrested on charges of fraud.

Kim had been arrested by police on charges of fraud, intimidation and blackmail after having allegedly pocketed billions of Korean won from major advance investments for a non-existent squid sales business, according to Seoul Kyungje, as translated by Soompi.


While the KeyEast did not outline the exact allegations pitted against Park, they did clarify in their official statement, to the South Korean news outlet that the actress does not have any “personal involvement” with Kim.

“Park Ha Sun never met Kim one-on-one or had any sort of personal interaction with him,” the company added. “Additionally, she never received any gifts or any financial gain whatsoever from Mr. Kim.”

“In order to protect our actress Park Ha-sun, our agency will be adopting a zero-tolerance policy as we respond to these sorts of criminal acts with firm legal action, without any leniency or settlements,” the company stated. “We are already in the process of pressing legal charges.”

The statement from KeyEast  comes after allegations surfaced earlier this week that fellow Korean actresses Son Dam-bi and Jung Ryeo-won had received gifts from Kim, according to DispatchThese claims were later denied by their respective labels.

Park has starred in a number of popular drama series and films, including Birthcare Centre in 2020 and Drinking Solo in 2016. Park is also set to make an upcoming appearance as part of the cast of The Veil, with its first episode premiering later this month on September 17.