‘Pretend It’s A City’ star Fran Lebowitz defends lack of women in Martin Scorsese’s films

The social commentator also spoke out against the attack on the US Capitol

Pretend It’s A City star Fran Lebowitz has spoken out about the lack of women in Martin Scorsese’s movies.

The social commentator, who was the subject of the Scorsese directed Netflix series, previously appeared as a judge in The Wolf Of Wall Street.

When asked about the lack of women in the legendary director’s films by BBC Newsnight‘s Kirsty Wark, Lebowitz said: “Marty makes the movies he wants to make, he doesn’t ask me, Marty sees the world a certain way, Marty is also a man of a certain age, you can’t take people out of a certain era.


“When Marty was starting out women weren’t directing. So what’s important is not how many women Marty has in his movies but how many women direct movies, how many women write movies.”

Lebowitz also criticised the recent attack on the US Capitol.

“It was shocking, it was truly truly shocking and there were some things I didn’t see at the time and I didn’t see until the impeachment trial. People kept saying, ‘This is not this country’, I kept saying, ‘This is this country. This maybe didn’t used to be this country but really where else is the US Capitol? It is this country’,” she said.

Lebowitz added: “Every single moment I saw was horrifying. To see that guy walking through the Capitol with a confederate flag… to see the confederate flag has always struck me emotionally exactly like swastika, it’s exactly the same kind of symbol.”

Reviewing Pretend It’s A City, NME described it “as a love letter to New York for housebound townies.”


It added: “Filmed clueless to the impact of COVID to come, Pretend It’s A City wasn’t sent to torment us – entombed in our living rooms – but rather inspire.”

Meanwhile, Scorsese recently published an essay saying that streaming services are “devaluing” cinema.