Prince Harry viral clip from ‘Spare’ compared to Alan Partridge

“I genuinely don’t think Coogan could have written something as Partridge as this”

Prince Harry has been compared to Alan Partridge over an audiobook clip from his memoir Spare.

After the book was released on Tuesday (January 10), an extract from the audiobook version was shared on the Accidental Partridge Twitter account.

In the clip, Harry discusses his relationship with the British press, where he refers to an encounter with tabloid editor Rebekah Brooks.


While he doesn’t directly name Brooks to “spare the reader and also myself”, Harry says: “Besides, can it possibly be a coincidence that the name of the woman that pretended I went to rehab is a perfect anagram for Rehabber Kooks. Is the universe not saying something there?’

Referring to Brooks, Harry adds: “Who is this editor? Loathsome toad I gathered. Everyone who knew her was in full agreement that she was an infected pustule on the arse of humanity, plus a shit excuse for a journalist.

“But none of that mattered, because she had managed to wriggle her way into a position of great power. And lately, she was focusing all that power upon me.”

After the clip was shared, many noted the comparison to Partridge. One user wrote: “Did the script for Prince Harry’s book and Alan Partridge’s new From The Oasthouse get scrambled in the audiobook studio printer?”


“I genuinely don’t think [Steve] Coogan could have written something as Partridge as this. Incredible,” another added.

Brooks has been the CEO of News UK since September 2015. She was previously CEO of News International from 2009 to 2011 and became a prominent figure during the company’s phone hacking scandal, which led to the Leveson Inquiry in 2011.

Elsewhere in Harry’s memoir, the Duke of Sussex detailed an encounter with Friends star Courteney Cox where he ate “[magic] mushroom chocolates”.

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