‘Queendom 2’: Watch performances by Kep1er, Brave Girls, WJSN and LOONA

Rankings for Round 1 were also revealed at the episode's end

Kep1er, Brave Girls, WJSN and LOONA recently performed during the most second episode of Queendom 2

On the April 7 broadcast of the second season of Mnet’s idol reality series Queendom, girl groups Kep1er, Brave Girls, WJSN and LOONA pick up where the series last left off with Round 1 of performances, after fellow contestants VIVIZ and Hyolyn staged theirs last week.

The first group of the show’s second episode to take the stage are Kep1er, who performed a Queendom 2 remix of their debut track ‘Wa Da Da’. “We can’t just do well. We have to do better than others,” member Kim Da-yeon said, per Soompi. “If we don’t do well in the first round, it’ll seem like we’ve come out [on the program] because we’re ‘Mnet’s daughters’.”


Following Kep1er were Brave Girls, who staged a medley of their summer single ‘Chi Mat Ba Ram’ and viral hit ‘Rollin’. They kicked off the performance with a dynamic drum sequence, led by Minyoung, before launching into powerful theatrics.

Meanwhile, WJSN opted for an elegant theme for their performance of ‘As You Wish’. This performance doesn’t include member Eunseo, who had tested positive for COVID-19 a week before the episode was filmed.

Following their performance, the group were seen bursting into tears after an hourglass prop mishap had occurred on stage, rendering them unable to perform specific dance moves. The stage had also become slippery due to the spillage of sand from the prop.


Following the five Round 1 performances, live votes were cast by the audience for their top two performances. The contestants themselves had also done a self-evaluation. The results of Queendom 2’s Round 1 saw Hyolyn clinching the top spot, with WJSN, VIVIZ, Kep1er and Brave Girls following in that order.

LOONA had been automatically placed at sixth place, as a result of the group being unable to film their performance of ‘Paint The Town (PTT)’ with the rest of the participants, after 11 out of 12 members of the group had tested positive for the coronavirus. Their performance was later belatedly filmed and revealed.


Elsewhere in the episode, the mission objectives for Round 2 were revealed to be a “cover competition”, where each of the participants are required to interpret another artists’ song in their own styles. Hyolyn picked LOONA, WJSN chose VIVIZ, and Kep1er and Brave Girls will be covering each other.

The next episode of Queendom will air on April 14 at 9:20pm KST on Mnet. Queendom 2 is also available to stream on Viu in various regions.

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