‘Resident Evil’ one of Netflix’s worst rated shows ever

The series only dropped last week

Netflix‘s new adaptation of Resident Evil has become one of the worst rated shows ever.

The show only dropped last week, though ratings have been very low already, with Rotten Tomatoes showing an audience score of just 25 per cent. The series also has an average user rating of 3.6 per cent on IMDb.

This would make the show one of the lowest rated series on IMDb, with the list ranging from 1.3 to 4.4 on the scale.


The new Resident Evil series focuses on Albert Wesker (Lance Reddick) and his two children, Jade (Ella Balinska) and Billie (Adeline Rudolph).

Resident Evil
Lance Reddick in ‘Resident Evil’. CREDIT: Netflix

“In the first timeline, 14-year-old sisters Jade and Billie Wesker are moved to New Raccoon City,” the synopsis reads. “A manufactured corporate town, forced on them right as adolescence is in full swing. But the more time they spend there, the more they come to realise that the town is more than it seems and their father may be concealing dark secrets. Secrets that could destroy the world.

“Cut to the second timeline, well over a decade into the future: there are less than fifteen million people left on Earth. And more than six billion monsters – people and animals infected with the T-virus. Jade, now thirty, struggles to survive in this New World, while the secrets from her past – about her sister, her father and herself – continue to haunt her.”

In NME‘s three-star review of the show, we said: “Resident Evil, set some years after bioweapon developers Umbrella Corp. have nuked Raccoon City – ground zero for their first major T-virus outbreak – hones in on the origins of a very timely new pandemic, and goes quite shamelessly for the discredited conspiracist dollar.


“So closely does the show mirror the concerns of the vaccine and lockdown sceptics of 2020 that producers missed a trick on the casting.”