Ricky Gervais divides fans with joke about Sam Smith’s BRITs outfit: “You now belong to the Piers Morgans of the world”

"Your mate Bowie wore the same outfit!"

Ricky Gervais has divided fans with his joke about Sam Smith‘s outfit at the BRIT Awards.

The ‘Unholy’ singer drew headlines at this year’s ceremony after stepping onto the red carpet in a black rubber suit with overinflated shoulders and legs.

Reacting to the costume on Twitter, Gervais pasted his own head on Sam’s body and jokingly suggested the singer was seeking attention.


Alongside the fake image of Gervais wearing the rubber costume, he sarcastically tweeted: “The Worst thing about being famous is the lack of privacy. I can’t even walk down the street without people looking and pointing.”

Although the majority of Gervais’ followers enjoyed the joke, some noted that Smith’s costume and style was not too dissimilar to some of the outfits worn by David Bowie and other iconic music stars.

One Twitter user replied: “I must say, much as this guy isn’t my cup of tea, it doesn’t bother me what he’s up to. In fact, I only see things about him from older men who seem increasingly upset about what younger generations are doing. This stuff happened in your generation too. You do know that, grandpa?”

To which Gervais quipped back: “Bit ageist.”

Another person tweeted: “I agree Bowie is far far superior to Sam Smith in terms of talent that their talent can’t be compared. That’s not to say the idea of shock factor can’t be. Even Jagger used to wear dresses etc.”


Taking greater issue with the joke, one Twitter user wrote: “Welcome to the heteronormative group of now officially old aged men, Ricky Gervais. You now belong to the Piers Morgans of the world in your glee of #SamSmith and his costume. Bowie would be proud.”

You can find more of the responses to Gervais’ joke below:

In a recent interview with the BBC, the designer of Smith’s outfit revealed that it was inspired by their dog.

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