Ricky Gervais launches new podcast ‘Absolutely Mental’

'The Office' star says that the 11-part series will look at "being human"

Ricky Gervais has announced that he will host a new paid-for podcast called Absolutely Mental.

The 11-part podcast will be available on AbsolutelyMental.com from May 10, and will feature the comedian in conversation with his friend, neuroscientist Sam Harris.

“These aren’t academic lectures. They are casual chats about how it feels to be human,” Gervais told Deadline. He also confirmed that topics discussed between the pair will range from dreams, free will and death, to the robot apocalypse and the future of comedy. The series will be available in its entirety on the launch date, and will cost $14.99.


Gervais has been a major name in podcasting since the launch of The Ricky Gervais Show in 2005. The podcast, which also featured The Office co-creator Stephen Merchant and comedian Karl Pilkington, was adapted from Gervais’ XFM radio show, and received a Guinness world record for being the most downloaded podcast in the world.

Gervais is due to begin filming the third season After Life from this month. The Netflix show, which Gervais writes, directs, produces, was named the most watched British comedy in the world for two years running. The show also stars Gervais as Tony, a widower trying to grapple with life in his small town after his wife has died of breast cancer.

In 2020, Gervais signed a multiyear deal with Netflix, under which he will create new scripted series as well as additional stand-up comedy specials.

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