Rob McElhenney reacts to Wrexham game being abandoned due to rain

“We need to get out of this fucking league"

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia star and Wrexham AFC chairman Rob McElhenney has reacted to the team’s game yesterday (October 2) being abandoned due to rain.

The star purchased the Welsh football club alongside Ryan Reynolds this year after their bid to buy it was approved by Wrexham’s Supporters Trust Board back in November.

After Reynolds and McElhenney raised a glass to celebrate Wrexham’s first win of the season back in August, yesterday saw them play an away game at the Hampshire-based Aldershot Town.


Amid torrential weather conditions across the UK, the game was postponed due to a waterlogged pitch with Wrexham 2-0 ahead.

Reacting to the conditions, McElhenney shared a photo of Wrexham’s players using brooms to try and brush standing water off the pitch to make it playable.

I’m watching our PLAYERS MOP THE FIELD to continue the game,” he wrote. “I’ve never seen anything like it. Official statement from the Co-chairman: “We need to get out of this fucking league.””

In another tweet after the match, he added: “I’ve been assured that the groundskeepers of Aldershot did everything they could to keep the game on. Yes, it’s frustrating. But a lot of those people are volunteers who work really hard in brutal conditions.


Elsewhere, Ryan Reynolds recently confirmed that Wrexham AFC will feature in FIFA 22. Reynolds revealed in a humorous video that Wrexham will now be found in FIFA 22‘s Rest of World category. That’s because no other teams from the National League feature in the game so it’s the only place the team could really fit.

Elsewhere, McElhenney recently told NME that he is trying to convince Sir Anthony Hopkins to become a Wrexham fan.

“He is a big supporter,” McElhenney joked when NME asked about Hopkins’ thoughts on Wrexham. “No he didn’t mention it, but I’m going to make him a supporter.

“I’ve already sent him a bunch of gear and I’m going to hope that he puts it on and puts it up on his Instagram. We’ll see. We’re buds now.”