Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney respond to ‘Ted Lasso’ dig

The Apple TV+ sitcom poked fun at their Wrexham purchase

Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney have responded to a joke at their expense in Ted Lasso following their purchase of Wrexham AFC.

The pair’s takeover of the Welsh football club was confirmed earlier this year, although the Apple TV+ show’s latest episode took a dig at acquisition in its latest episode.

In one scene, Higgins (Jeremy Swift) quips that he cannot “tell if them buying the club is a joke or not”.


Reynolds and McElhenney have now both shared a joke cease and desist letter about the line on social media.

“It has come to our attention that in a recent episode of Ted Lasso our very real ownership of Wrexham AFC was called into question by an otherwise beloved character named ‘Higgins,'” they wrote.

“While we hold the incomparable Jeremy Swift in no ill regard and are honoured to be mentioned on the platform that’s brought us high-quality programming ranging from Mythic Quest season one to Mythic Quest season two, we must insist that you cease and desist from the casting of any doubt regarding our commitment to the club, the fans, and the entire Wrexham community.”

Jason Sudeikis Ted Lasso
Jason Sudeikis as Ted Lasso CREDIT: UNIVERSAL TELEVISION / Album

They went on to joke that they can avoid legal action if they send “2 LARGE boxes of Ted Lasso’s biscuits”, a reference to Jason Sudeikis’s character’s love of biscuits in the show.


Meanwhile, the cast of McElhenney’s show It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia have shared a good luck message to Wrexham (sort of) ahead of the team’s season.

Stars including Danny DeVito, Glenn Howerton, Kaitlin Olson are seen in the clip, before McElhenney says: “Up the town! Let’s go, Wrexham.”

Fellow star Charlie Day has also modelled the new Wrexham kit in a recent TikTok clip.