‘School 2021’ premiere delayed a week after WEi’s Kim Yo-han tests positive for COVID-19

Another member of WEi, Kim Jun-seo, has also been diagnosed with COVID-19

South Korean television network KBS2 has delayed the premiere for its upcoming drama School 2021.

On November 14, the series’ production team revealed to Sports Chosun that the series would be making its premiere a week later than originally planned, from November 17 to November 24. The news came after an unnamed supporting actor and WEi’s Kim Yo-han tested positive for COVID-19.

According to their statement, the former had tested positive for the virus on November 13, prompting the entire cast and crew to undergo testing the next day. “Actor Kim Yo-han tested positive. The other staff and cast all tested negative,” said the production team, as translated by Soompi.


“The premiere date [of School 2021] has been delayed a week to November 24, and the press conference will therefore also be pushed back a week,” they added. “We will do our utmost to prevent any other positive cases by ensuring the safety of the cast and staff through preventative measures. We apologize for causing you concern.”

Following Kim’s diagnosis on November 14, all members of his group, WEi, and related staff members underwent PCR tests. Their agency, OUI Entertainment shared earlier today (November 15) that another member of the boyband, Kim Jun-seo, had tested positive for the virus. The remaining five members of WEi have since tested negative.

However, several members of the group are to continue to isolate for the next 10 days as they have not “received their second dose of the vaccine or 14 days haven’t passed since the second dose”.

The upcoming series is the eighth instalment of KBS2’s School franchise, which had first launched in 1999. While previous instalments had been set in general South Korean high schools, the upcoming 2021 edition of the franchise will be following the stories of students at a vocational high school.

School 2021 will now premiere on November 24 on KBS2. The teen drama will also be available to stream on Viki.