‘School 2021’ reveals premiere date with a brand-new teaser

The eighth instalment of KBS2’s 'School' franchise arrives next month

South Korean television network KBS2 has announced an official premiere date for its upcoming drama School 2021.

On October 26, the broadcast network uploaded the new clip on its official YouTube channel, introducing some of the series’ main characters.

The teaser opens with the main cast, WEi member and former X1 singer Kim Yo-han, Jo Yi-hyun (Hospital Playlist), Choo Yeong-woo (Police University) and Hwang Boreum-byul (So Not Worth It) seated in a classroom. Their books disappear as the caption “rather than studying, do you want to try something else?” appears on-screen.


“We draw,” says Kim, as he begins sketching blueprints for a replica of a high school building. “We create,” adds Jo, who starts sawing at a piece of wood. The four characters are seen sketching and hammering away before finally setting the completed replica on a desk. The teaser ends with the reveal of School 2021‘s premiere date of November 17.

The forthcoming series is the eighth instalment of KBS2’s School franchise, which had first launched in 1999. While previous instalments had been set in general South Korean high schools, the upcoming 2021 edition of the franchise will be following the stories of students at a vocational high school.

School 2021 revolves around Kim’s character, Gong Ki-joon, a high school student and former taekwondo champion forced to quit the sport after an injury. Choo is set to portray Jung Young-yoo, a fellow student with a complication relationship with Ki-joon.

Additionally, Jo plays Jin Ji-won, a student who dreams of becoming a carpenter, while Hwang stars as King Seo-young, a culinary major who hopes to become a YouTuber.


School 2021 is based on the 2011 web novel Oh, Naui Namjadeul! (literal translation: Oh! My Men) created by writer Lee Hyun. The series is directed by Han Sang-woo, who had previously helmed the 2017-2018 romance series Black Knight: The Man Who Guards Me.