‘Shooting Stars’ actor Kim Young-dae to star in new historical K-drama

Starring alongside him is ‘Love All Play’’s Park Ju-hyun

South Korean actor Kim Young-dae, who led tvN’s recent romantic comedy K-drama Shooting Stars, has been cast in an upcoming historical K-drama.

Earlier today (June 14), MBC confirmed that Kim, along with Love All Play actress Park Ju-hyun and Military Prosecutor Doberman’s Kim Woo-seok, have been cast in its new historical romantic-comedy K-drama The Forbidden Marriage.

According to Seoul Kyeongje, the upcoming K-drama will tell the story of the softhearted King Lee-heon (Kim Young-dae) who bans marriage after losing his crown princess seven years prior to the beginning of the series. He later encounters So Rang (played by Park), a matchmaker and con-woman who claims that she can be possessed by the late princess’ soul.


Additionally, South Korean rapper Giriboy is reportedly in talks to make his acting debut in The Forbidden Marriage as a genius painter named Jung Do-seok. Although he had previously made a name for himself with his art, Do-seok now lives as a recluse while preparing for his state examinations.

The upcoming series is based on a web-novel by Cheon Ji-hye, which has previously been adapted into a webtoon. Cheon, who will also be penning the script for the drama series, is joined by director Park Sang-woo, who previously worked on dramas like My Secret Terrius and Never Twice.

In other news, tvN has unveiled a new teaser clip for its upcoming historical fantasy K-drama series, Alchemy Of Souls. The drama is set to premiere on June 18 at 9:10pm KST, with new episodes airing every Saturday and Sunday night.