‘Single’s Inferno”s Choi Si-hun reportedly cast in upcoming BL K-drama

'New Employee' will air on Watcha, the streaming platform behind 'Semantic Error'

Single’s Inferno star Choi Si-hun has reportedly been cast in a new BL (boy’s love) K-drama, tentatively titled New Employee.

South Korean news outlet Hankook Ilbo reported yesterday (June 30) that the reality TV star has joined the cast of an upcoming BL series, set to be air exclusive on South Korean streaming platform Watcha, which is best known for producing the hit BL series Semantic Error

New Employee is said to be an adaptation of a web comic of the same name, which first launched in 2016. The new show was described by Hankook Ilbo as a showcase of an titillating office romance between Jong-chan, a department head under advertising agency Workaholic, and Seung-hyun, an intern at the same organisation.


Choi will reportedly star as the side character of Yoo-sung, known as Seung-hyun’s first love and college senior. However, neither Choi, his representatives nor Watcha have confirmed the production of New Employee as of writing.

In other Single’s Inferno news, Netflix officially confirmed the production of a second season of the hit South Korean dating reality series earlier this year. The show is set to return with a new cast of contestants who will get to know each other with the goal of finding love on a deserted island, in similar fashion to its popular first season.

Meanwhile, Watcha’s chief marketing officer Kim Hye-jung recently spoke about the immense success of Semantic Error, which starred DKZ’s Jaechan and former KNK member Park Seo-ham, sharing that it was produced in line the platform’s own “values”.

“We’re extremely grateful because it is proof that what Watcha pursues and its values are being accepted and recognised,” said Kim, before adding that Watcha’s vision is “to make a variety of content where everyone’s differences are accepted, and each individual’s tastes are respected by others”.