‘Single’s Inferno’ producers say they had “no restrictions” when casting the show

"As long as they fit the colour of the program and they were honest people, we recruited them for the show"

Producers of Netflix’s South Korean reality series Single’s Inferno shared their casting process for the hit show.

Co-producers Kim Jae-won and Kim Nam-hyun recently spoke to Wikitree about the behind-the-scenes experiences of Single’s Inferno, as well as how the series was conceptualised in the early stages of its production.

“There were no restrictions that made us cast people who were just ordinary citizens or people who were unrelated to the entertainment industry,” Nam-hyun said, as translated by Koreaboo. He then added that they instead chose to cast individuals “who knew their own charms and were honest”.


Kim Jae-won agreed with his co-producer, adding that “it didn’t matter” if the contestants had prior experience in the entertainment industry. “As long as they fit the colour of the program and they were honest people, we recruited them for the show,” he said.

He also shared the various methods he used to find talents for the series, explaining that he “recruited a lot through Instagram [direct messages]”.

“I would receive recommendations from my acquaintances, which is when I would post a casting notice,” he explained, recalling that he “did everything I could” to find the right people for the show. “If I ever hit a wall in the midst of the recruiting process, I would go out onto the streets and hand out casting flyers.”

Single’s Inferno stars 12 single men and women as they get to know one another with the goal of finding love on a deserted island. Couples who successfully pair up are later sent to ‘Paradise’ for a night where they can enjoy a luxury hotel stay and ask questions regarding their age and occupations.

Since its premiere on the streaming service in December, Single’s Inferno has since emerged as one of the most-watched show on Netflix globally, marking the first time a Korean reality series has entered the platform’s global Top 10 chart.

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