‘Snowpiercer’ renewed for third season ahead of season two premiere

Season 2 is back next week

Snowpiercer has been renewed for a third season by TNT.

The news comes ahead of the release of season two, which is set to air next week (January 26).

Describing what’s to come in season two, as Melanie (Jennifer Connelly) rediscovers her daughter Alexandra (Rowan Blanchard) is alive as well as Mr. Wilford (Sean Bean), showrunner Graeme Manson recently told TVLine that it won’t be “an easy ride”.


“It doesn’t seem like it’s going to be an easy ride for Melanie with her daughter, where she ‘steps into a hug,’” he said.

“For one, we’re still unclear as to the charisma and the capacity of Wilford. We have our ideas about him through Melanie and through his myth, but what kind of life has Alexandra been living [on Big Alice]?

“What she believes about her mother, I think, is one of the biggest questions to kick off the top of the season.”

Check out the trailer for season two here:

Reviewing season one of Snowpiercer, which is currently available to watch on Netflix, NME said: “Snowpiercer is a stylish expansion on the world built by its predecessors that still carries a sting in its tail.”


Meanwhile, Sean Bean recently opened up about filming his famous death scene at the end of Game Of Thrones season one.

The actor’s character Ned Stark set a precedent for the HBO series, when he was unexpectedly executed in the penultimate episode Baelor.