‘Snowpiercer’ season 3 sets January release date

A fourth season of the show has already been announced

The third season of Netflix‘s Snowpiercer has been confirmed to hit the streaming service in January 2022.

The show, like Bong Joon Ho’s feature film, is adapted from the French graphic novel Le Transperceneige, and has already been renewed for a fourth season.

Netflix, who holds the international rights to the show, will release a new episode weekly. TNT will release the season in America.


In spite of her character’s fate being undisclosed, it has been confirmed that series regular Jennifer Connelly will return.

The second season concluded with a banished Andre Layton (Daveed Diggs) and Ruth (Alison Wright) plotting to take back Snowpiercer. They made it back to the train with the help of Javier (Roberto Urbina) and Alexandra (Rowan Blanchard). Consequently Josie (Katie McGuiness) destroyed the Aquarium car, separating Snowpiercer’s head from the remaining 1,023 cars.

Snowpiercer season 2
Credit: Netflix

Season three will pick up with Layton and his inner circle commanding a small pirate train in search of Melanie (Connelly) and a possible warm location to restart civilisation, aided by a newfound survivor.

Back on the Snowpiercer, Mr. Wilford (Sean Bean) is consolidating power, foiled only by secret allies of Layton’s hidden on the train, committed to the cause.


The third season will premiere on TNT on January 24, and Netflix on January 25, 2022.

Elsewhere on Netflix, former Tiger King star Carole Baskin’s attempt to halt the launch of second season of the docuseries has been denied by a federal judge hours after she filed a lawsuit.