‘Squid Game”s Anupam Tripathi says he considered leaving South Korea for good

“Anupam, stay in Korea! Something good will happen to you soon”

Squid Game star Anupam Tripathi has revealed that he initially planned to leave South Korea for good before his acting career took off.

The Indian actor recently appeared on Breakfast With Tiffany, hosted by Girls’ Generation‘s Tiffany Young, where you spoke about how he had originally intended to leave South Korea following his graduation from the Korea National University Of Arts to explore acting opportunities in India

“One day, it got me thinking while taking a walk, ‘Anupam, stay in Korea! Something good will happen to you soon’,” Tripathi told Young. “Indeed, I had chances to join several films and plays after that,” he added, although he didn’t specify the roles that eventually convinced him to stay.


This isn’t the first time the actor talked about his initial plans to build on his acting career in India. In a last month, Tripathi told Variety that he had initially wanted to study at the National School Of Drama in New Delhi before he was encouraged to apply for a scholarship for the Korea National University Of Arts.

When asked about how he got cast for the role of Ali, Tripathi revealed that he and his Squid Game character share a few similarities. “Both of them struggle with survival,” he explained. “Like the next day, the next role, the next work, how each day will flow. We’re keeping the warmth, keeping the smile on.”

However, Tripathi added that the role of Ali has stayed dear to his heart. “As an actor, for me it’s always wonderful to find those people, the ordinary people who can’t be extraordinary stories, you know? But when you tell the story of them, they become extraordinary.”

“Every time I got a change to play the role of a foreign worker, you’ll find that everybody is different, everybody is new, and every human being has a different story to tell,” he added. “So diverse, human beings are so diverse!”


Meanwhile, Several K-drama producers have spoken up about the growing recognition of South Korean entertainment internationally, with some noting that the main “takeaway” from the success of Korean entertainment is that “what sells in South Korea sells globally”.