Owner of ‘Squid Game’ phone number facing “endless” calls, Netflix responds

The victim also alleged that viewers have been "reaching out without a sense of day and night due to their curiosity"

The owner of the phone number featured in the hit South Korean series Squid Game has been spoken up about having their daily life interrupted by the show’s popularity.

The unnamed owner, who was referred to as ‘A’ in the initial report by Money Today on September 23, claimed that they have been constantly bothered by viewers of the series since it premiered on Netflix last week.

“I have been receiving calls and texts endlessly, 24/7, to the point that it’s hard for me to go on with daily life,” they told the news outlet, as translated by Koreaboo. “This is a number that I’ve been using for more than 10 years, so I’m quite taken aback.”


They also added that “it’s to the point where due to people reaching out without a sense of day and night due to their curiosity”, noting that the barrage of calls drains their phone’s battery until it “turns off”.

‘A”s alleged phone number was shown during the first episode of the series, where it is seen on a business card, which potential participants of the Squid Game receive and are instructed to call in order to participate.

Shortly after the reports surfaced, a Netflix representative told Star News that it is currently working to rectify the issue. “Netflix, as well as Squid Game‘s production company Cyron Pictures, are aware of the problem and are working to solve it,” the statement read.

The show was awarded four stars in a review by NME’s Hidzir Junaini, who wrote that “the show’s sharp social critiques, suspenseful competition and sympathetic characters remain largely enthralling throughout.”