Watch ‘Squid Game’’s Park Hae-soo in thrilling new trailer for ‘Chimera’

The series premieres later this month

South Korean television network OCN has dropped a new teaser for its upcoming mystery series Chimera.

Starring Park Hae-soo (Squid Game, Prison Playbook), Claudia Kim (Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald) and Lee Hee-joon (Mouse, The Drug King), the forthcoming drama revolves around a trio of characters investigating a series of killings.

Park plays Jae-hwan, a violent crimes detective tasked with looking into the “chimera” killings, which had restarted after 35 years. Starring alongside him are Kim, who plays criminal profiler Yoo-jin and Lee as surgeon Joong-yeob. The trio eventually come together to discover the truth behind the killings.


“Somebody with not one, but two sets of DNA,” says a voiceover, explaining the killer’s nickname as Park’s character solemnly observes a funeral. In Greek mythology, a “chimera” is a hybrid creature which carries the traits of multiple animals. “The monster has awakened,” reads the accompanying captions.

Several scenes of explosions feature in the trailer, suggesting that they may be linked to the killings. In another shot, Yoo-jin reels from shock as she lies on a pavement after one of these explosions.

In another scene, Jae-hwan snaps a picture of the image of a chimaera that has been spray-painted onto the wall of an abandoned office. Tensions rise, and several characters begin demanding to know who the “chimera” killer is, and a mysterious figure in a hat and mask appears to stalk some of them.

The upcoming series is helmed by director Kim Do-hoon (The Moon Embracing The Sun). And screenwriter Lee Jin-mae. Chimera will begin airing on Saturday and Sunday nights on cable network OCN starting from October 30.


In other K-drama news, Netflix has released the latest trailer for its upcoming revenge-thriller My Name, starring Han So-hee (Nevertheless, World of The Married). It is scheduled to premiere on the streaming platform on October 15.