Owner of ‘Squid Game’ phone number claims producers told them to “change your number”

Meanwhile, the production team allege it's still “trying to solve” the issue

The owner of the phone number featured in the hit South Korean series Squid Game, who previously spoke up about having their daily life interrupted by the show’s popularity, has called out Netflix and the show’s production team for their response to the issue.

In a recent interview with SBS News, the owner of the number noted that they had been contacted by the production crew following their initial interview with Money Today. The owner claimed that the producers told her to “change her number,” saying that it’s the “only option” for their current predicament.

“We can’t do anything since [the phone number] already went out and it’s not like we did it intentionally,” the Squid Game production team supposedly told the owner, per SBS News as translated by Koreaboo. “Honestly, we think the only option is for you to change your number.”


However, the owner also claimed that changing their number is not an option for them, as the phone number is tied to a business that they have run for “almost 20 years”. They also criticised the production team for offering only ₩1million (about £620) as compensation.

In response, a rep for Squid Game said in a statement to Osen earlier today (September 27) that the production team is still “trying to solve” the issue. The team also claimed that it has continued to have “phone calls and face-to-face meetings between the owner of the number”, as translated by Koreaboo.

In other K-drama news, Netflix has released the first teaser video for its upcoming revenge-thriller series My Name. Starring rising actress Han So-hee (Nevertheless), the series is scheduled to premiere on the streaming platform on October 15.