‘Stranger Things’ Noah Schnapp and Millie Bobby Brown comment on speculation over Will’s sexuality

“Will is kind of like a zebra in a field of horses”

Stranger Things stars Noah Schnapp and Millie Bobby Brown have broken their silence on Will’s sexuality.

In light of several plotlines in season four of the Netflix show, including Schnapp’s character Will giving a presentation about the gay mathematician Alan Turing and later a line suggesting he might be struggling to come out, fans have begun to speculate.

“Sometimes I think it’s just scary to open up like that, to say how you really feel, especially to people you care about the most,” Will tells his friend Mike in episode five, adding: “because what if they don’t like the truth?”


“I feel like they never really address it or blatantly say how Will is,” Schnapp has now said in a recent interview with Variety.

“I think that’s the beauty of it, that it’s just up to the audience’s interpretation, if it’s Will kind of just refusing to grow up and growing up slower than his friends, or if he is really gay.”

Stranger Things
CREDIT: Courtesy of Netflix

Brown then added: “Can I just say, it’s 2022 and we don’t have to label things. I think what’s really nice about Will’s character is that he’s just a human being going through his own personal demons and issues.

“So many kids out there don’t know, and that’s OK. That’s OK to not know. And that’s OK not to label things.”

“I find that people do reach to put a label on him and just want to know, so badly, like, ‘Oh, and this is it,’” Schnapp went on. “He’s just confused and growing up. And that’s what it is to be a kid.


“Will is kind of like a zebra in a field of horses. He kind of stands out. It’s just nice to see that and have that shown on Stranger Things for fans to connect to and be able to relate to. Because so many of our viewers are young kids who are at that stage in their life.”

“Without getting into where we go later in season 4 [Volume II], I guess I’ll just say that there aren’t many accidents on Stranger Things,” executive producer Shawn Levy told EW when asked about Will’s sexuality.

“There is clear intention and strategy and real thought given to each and every character. So, if you came away from Volume I feeling those bread crumbs of plot and character, it’s probably no accident.”

Vol.1 of Stranger Things season four is currently streaming on Netflix.