‘Stranger Things’ producer on whether season five will be the show’s last: “I have the end in sight”

There’s been talks of spin-offs too

Stranger Things executive producer Shawn Levy has hinted season five could spell the end for the Netflix series.

Show creators Ross and Matt Duffer have stated in the past how they see Stranger Things lasting four or five seasons, and with filming on the show’s fourth season underway following coronavirus-related delays, it seems the fifth season could actually mark the endgame.

Asked by Collider if Stranger Things season five will be the last, Levy said: “I have the end in sight. The brothers have the end in sight.


“There is a plan and that too will be shared not quite as soon as a sense of when season four is coming out, but soon enough. I can say this. No, one’s making it up as we go along and there is an endgame, if you will.”

Even if the show comes to an end however, it seems talks have happened around expanding the Stranger Things franchise with spin-offs.

Asked about the potential for spin-offs, Levy said: “What’s been made clear is there is an interest and a real voracious appetite for any offshoot, any other iteration format or extension of the franchise, the characters, the mythology. And certainly those conversations are hardly evolved, but they’re also not non-existent.”

Stranger Things is one of the defining shows for Netflix, with the platform reporting in October 2019 that over 64 million households had watched the show’s third season within the first four weeks of its release.

David Harbour (Jim Hopper) has teased the fourth instalment is his favourite yet, “because [Hopper] really is going to show you some new colours and what he’s really made up of.”


He added: “[You will] see a lot of your favourite characters doing the thing that you love them for… but you’ll also see them twist it and turn it into other colours and other flavours.”

Netflix has confirmed Stranger Things season four will release in 2022.