‘Stranger Things’: First episode title of season five has fans believing Eddie Munson is alive

Fans are convinced that Eddie is alive

The title of the first episode from season five of Stranger Things has been revealed, leaving fans convinced that Eddie Munson is alive.

The episode is called Chapter One: The Crawl, according to the front page of its script. A picture of the title page was shared on the official Netflix account today (November 7).

It has sparked hope among fans that Eddie, who is played by Joseph Quinn, is still alive. He was last seen wounded in the season four finale.


Fans were quick to link the title of the episode to Metallica‘s ‘Master Of The Puppets’, which features the word “crawling” in the lyrics. Eddie plays the classic thrash-metal track while in the Upside Down before he’s attacked by Demobats and left for dead.

“This can’t be a coincidence,” one fan tweeted alongside a clip of Metallica’s lyrics. Another replied, writing: “This HAS to have something to do with Eddie I legit can’t think of anything else [sic].”

The link has also sparked some theories about what might happen in the episode, with one fan @Santaisntblind1 commenting: “This episode can either be about Eddie, or Vecna. Vecna crawls away from the Creel house after being shot out of it, but then there’s the song that Eddie plays, and one of the lyrics could hint at him crawling out of the upside down somehow, or crawling to safety.”


Not everyone was happy about the possibility of Eddie’s return, however. Some users tweeted that they hoped the other fans were wrong. “We don’t want him,” replied one fan on the Netflix thread. Another added: “[Eddie] Is still dead.”

The freshly revealed title for season five’s first episode follows the format of previous seasons by affixing “Chapter One” to the title.

Filming for Stranger Things season five is expected to begin in 2023. There has been no official announcement about when fans can expect the new season to air.

Stranger Things is available to stream on Netflix.