Bradley Cooper asked Nicholas Braun for ‘Succession’ spoilers

"Bradley Cooper is a big 'Succession' fan and I didn't know it"

Succession star Nicholas Braun has said that Bradley Cooper asked him for spoilers about the hit HBO show.

When the actor, who plays Cousin Greg, was asked by Jimmy Fallon who the most famous person was who’d tried to ask him about what happens in the show, Braun recalled going over to Cooper’s house to watch football.

“Bradley Cooper is a big Succession fan and I didn’t know it,” the actor began. “I was invited to his house. Jeremy Strong and him have become buddies so I was invited over to watch some football. Not a big football guy but I was like, ‘This is awesome. I love Bradley Cooper.’ Huge idol of mine.


“So I went over and he has so many theories. He was like, ‘When Shiv looked this way, what did that mean? I think it meant this or that…'”

Watch the full interview here:

Fallon then said: “He’s a charmer, Bradley Cooper. So I would just tell him everything. I’d say, ‘Just here’s the ending dude. Leave me alone, man. Get that icy stare away from me.'”

The talk show host also nodded to Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson’s theory about the show, based on his tweet which reads: “Calling it now: Cousin Greg is oops – 6th season we will know it was a sting all along.”

Earlier this year Succession was renewed for a fourth season, with Francesca Orsi, executive VP of HBO programming, praising the show’s “indelible wit, humanity and precision”.


New episodes of Succession season three are currently airing weekly.