‘Succession’ star Nicholas Braun has inspired a new sex toy called “Greg the Egg”

Fans can now enjoy Cousin Greg's scenes even more

Succession fans will be able to enjoy the show’s return in more ways than previously thought, with one sex live stream platform launching a Cousin Greg-inspired sex toy.

The hit HBO series finally returned for its third season last night (October 17), with fans finally witnessing the fallout from the big season two cliffhanger two years ago.

To coincide with the launch, website CamSoda has now unveiled the ‘Greg the Egg’ toy, which buyers can use while they watch along with the show.


According to a press release, fans can connect their ‘teledildonic’ device – or internet-connected sex toy – to the ‘Greg the Egg’ cam room every Sunday night when the show airs. After being synchronised, its vibrations will increase whenever Nicholas Braun’s character Greg Hirsch appears onscreen.

'Succession' star Nicholas Braun
‘Succession’ star Nicholas Braun Credit: Fred Hayes/Getty Images

The actor himself has been made aware of the toy, telling Vanity Fair: “I think, uh… Is it a compliment?

“That’s such an intimate thing to do with yourself – or with another person participating or watching. So the fact that Succession and Greg can be on their mind as that’s going on, it’s not something that any of us expected.”

He added: “Oh my god, I wish I didn’t know about this.”

Succession finale
Warning signs: Tom (Matthew Macfadyen) confronts Greg (Nicholas Braun) in ‘Succession’ season 2.


A CamSoda spokesperson further explained that they also considered sex toys focused on Roman Roy (Kieran Culkin) and Shiv Roy (Sarah Snook), but ultimately settled on Greg (via The New York Post).

They said Greg was “America’s sweetheart and has captured the hearts of many across social media. Just scroll through Twitter on Sunday night and you’ll see people lusting after him. We thought this would be a nice compliment to people’s infatuation with him”.

The company went on to admit that they “wanted to provide people with an outlet to orgasm to cousin Greg while he graces them with his presence every Sunday evening this fall”.

In NME‘s four-star review of Succession season three, we wrote: “Ultimately, Succession can risk feeling like a drama too obviously helmed by comedy writers, with its characters sitting in a circle firing off zingers. There is a reason it is particularly beloved in the media landscape.

“Where it has soared, over its 27 sublime episodes, has been when it has allowed its characters’ masks to slip and for dramatic change to actually occur. In this new season we may have wanted a little less ‘optics’ and ‘temperature’ and a little more mask-slipping.

“But, whether it can be categorised as pleasure or not, Succession‘s grip continues to pull us in as strongly as ever, down into the murky deep.”

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