‘Ted Lasso’ star Phil Dunster compares his character to Liam Gallagher

The actor also namechecked Noel, alongside Manchester United forwards Marcus Rashford and Jesse Lingard

Ted Lasso‘s Phil Dunster has spoken about his character in the show, Jamie Tartt, suggesting that he has the “swagger” of Liam Gallagher.

Speaking to the Los Angeles Times ahead of the Apple TV+ football comedy’s third season – now expected to arrive at the end of this year – Dunster said he “knew there was an arc that was to come” which will see Tartt “hopefully become a better person, stepping away from the hairstyles and general behaviour.”

Some of that behaviour, he added, owes a debt to Mancunian stars in both football and music. “You have people like Liam Gallagher and Noel Gallagher, and Jesse Lingard and Marcus Rashford, and it’s not just that they have the accent,” he said.


“They’ve got this energy, the persona comes with it. There’s an attitude. And also my agent is from Manchester and she’s just got this, like, sass. I think there was something in Jamie that’s a hardworking person. And he’s got a swagger in the same way that someone like Liam Gallagher does.”

Tartt’s ego remains strong as ever in the new series, Dunster said: “It bites him in the bum at some points. But also we saw in season 2 where he’s like, ‘I could be a prick.’ And the team is like, ‘Well, you could be our prick.’ And he uses his attributes to the team’s benefit. He’s unleashed.”

Ted Lasso

Last month (May 16), co-star Cristo Fernández gave an update on where things stand with the third season, suggesting the new episodes could be out later this year.

The actor – who portrays player Dani Rojas in the show – confirmed that filming had been underway for the past few months.

“We’re very excited to be back on set and, thankfully, these times are different than last year, as in COVID-wise,” he told PopCulture.


“We’ve been shooting for the last two months, things are going well, and I’m hopeful,” he added. “Hopefully, the fans will love our season 3, which, hopefully, will be at the end of the year as well, out.”