How to watch ‘The Bear’ season two in the UK

The new season is on the way soon

The Bear has announced the UK premiere date for its highly anticipated second season.

The critically acclaimed kitchen drama starring Jeremy Allen White debuted on FX and Disney+ in 2022, and will return this summer for a second round.

The Bear is already airing in the US, but has a slightly later UK release date of July 19.


All 10 episodes of the hit dark comedy will be available for streaming exclusively on Hulu in the US and Disney+ in the UK.

The FX-produced Hulu show quietly became one of the most-talked-about shows of the summer earlier this year as it followed chef Carmen Berzatto (White) from kitchens of fine dining restaurants back to his family’s sandwich shop after the death of his brother.

Speaking to Variety about season two earlier this year, Storer said: “We wanted to make something that was about friendship and a partnership.

“It really is so funny that that is one of the things that people took away — of all the heavy shit that’s going on in the show! It was interesting because Ayo [Edebiri, who plays Sydney] and Jeremy, since they are our friends and are such wonderful people, I think there is this charisma that comes off both of them.”

Speaking to Esquire earlier this year, Storer also teased that the second season would deal with how Carmen will revive his family’s restaurant. “It’s more like: How can we do this and maybe make some money?” he said. “And maybe make it easier? And maybe – maybe – start from a place that’s not fucked? Instead of beating a dead horse and making this fucking food that no one even wants to make, I see the promise in my sort of found family in the kitchen.


“Can we use that to build something freshly, now that we’ve all found each other in this stupid-ass system where things make no sense and people are putting veal stock on the top fucking shelf of the walk-in?”

The Bear made NME‘s list of the top TV shows of 2022, with Alex Flood writing: “Just when you thought you’d got a grip on tense kitchen drama The Bear, it morphed into a completely different dish.

“Starting out as a workplace show stuffed with Succession-style backstabbing, it eventually ended up a wholesome family comedy, stopping off at surrealist psychological portrait along the way.”

It was also recently revealed that Bob Odenkirk, best known for his role as Saul Goodman in Breaking Bad spin off Better Call Saul, will join the cast of The Bear in season two.

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