‘The Devil Judge’ actress Kim Min-jung in dispute with agency over contract

"I haven't received any payroll statements since February"

South Korean actress Kim Min-jung is currently in the midst of a dispute with her agency over her exclusive contract.

According to a report by Korea JoongAng Daily, Kim and her agency WIP Entertainment are in disagreement on when the actress’ exclusive contract ends. According to the report, documents filed by Kim claim that her contact with the management company ended in March after talks of extensions fell though. Meanwhile, the agency purports that their deal had been “automatically” extended as Kim until the end of production for The Devil Judge.

“The documents state that our management expires in March, but we were talking [with Kim] about automatically extending the contract since we were to manage her until July when the filming of The Devil Judge ends,” said a representative of the label. “To terminate [the contract], we think it should be via mutual consultation, and we are at a loss that she suddenly [requested termination]”.


Kim has since alleged in an interview with Sports Kyunghang that, aside from the break down in talks, her push to terminate her contact with WIP also stems from a lack of appearance fees for her role in The Devil Judge.

“I signed a new contract with a WIP representative last February and had a new clause added in the event that a production company fails to pay the actor the agreed appearance fee,” claimed Kim, noting that “that the CEO [of WIP Entertainment] would be held accountable for payment”.

“Despite having promised to look into the matter, I was unable to contact the CEO. I haven’t received any payroll statements since February,” alleged the actress. Sports Kyunghang also noted that while she received a transaction receipt from the production company behind The Devil Judge, she had lost contact with WIP Entertainment’s CEO.

Regarding her transparency surrounding the contract dispute, Kim explained that many in the industry are facing a similar issue and that she wants to stop it from happening. “They can’t speak up because they feel frightened of ruining their image. Now that their lips are sealed, the number of victims keeps growing.”

South Korean actor Kim Min-gwi’s appearance in the ongoing JTBC series Nevertheless will be significantly cut following his recent cheating scandal. According to Korea JoongAng Daily, a representative of the drama series said that Kim’s role and appearance in the 10-episode series will be reduced going forward.