Park Eun-bin on ‘The King’s Affection’: “I wanted to take on the challenge that a female could also be a king”

The historical romance drama, starring Park Eun-bin and SF9’s Rowoon, premieres next week

The cast members of the upcoming KBS2 historical drama The King’s Affection have opened up about why they had joined the project.

During a press conference earlier today (October 8), The King’s Affection cast members – Park Eun-bin, SF9’s Rowoon and DIA member Jung Chae-yeon, alongside Director Song Hyun-wook – talked about the forthcoming series and what viewers can look forward to.

Based on the comic of the same name, the series revolves around Lee Hwi (portrayed by Park), a Joseon-era crown prince. Born the female twin of the original crown prince, she disguises herself as a man to take her brother’s place after his death. The series premieres on October 11 at 9:30pm KST on KBS2.


“If you look at history, all the kings we had were males, so the very plot of a female king may well just be [something of] our imaginations,” Park shared. “But I wanted to take on the challenge that a female could also be a king.”

The actress also shared that she was initially “quite distant” from the character. “I felt as if I had to portray both ‘male Hwi’ and ‘female Hwi’. I wanted to look natural as a male as she was raised a male.” However, she eventually realised that the two sides of Hwi “should not be seen as a dichotomy”, and that all her traits were part of the character.

Later, Rowoon, who plays Jung Ji-woon, the crown prince’s teacher, said that a “feeling of romance” started to set in as he had been reading the script. “I decided to join the project in a heartbeat,” said the singer-actor.

Meanwhile, Jung revealed that she was initially unsure about her role Noh Ha-kyung, who is set-up for heartbreak as she falls for the crown prince, unaware of his secret. “I talked to Director Song and found out what my character would become [throughout the series], which drew me to The King’s Affection,” said Jung.

Elsewhere during the press conference, the cast unanimously agreed that the key point of the series would be its complex relationships. Rowoon also opened up about the upcoming love story between Ji-woon and Lee Hwi.


“My character is very different from Hwi. While she has so many secrets to hide, he can do whatever he wants, which leads them to be drawn to each other,” said the actor. “Because they are quite the opposite, there will be a lot of chemistry between the two characters.”