Fans react to “disgusting” ‘The Last Of Us’ zombie kiss

**The Last Of Us episode two spoilers follow**

Viewers of The Last Of Us have shared their horrified reactions to a zombie kiss in the new HBO series’ second episode.

In last night’s (January 22) episode ‘Infected’, we see Joel (Pedro Pascal), Tess (Anna Torv) and Ellie (Bella Ramsey) make it to the state house in Boston, though find the Fireflies there dead or infected.

Tess also reveals she is infected, though as she tries to blow up the building, one of the zombies goes over to kiss her, its tendrils going into her mouth. Seconds later, she manages to blow up the building.


Fans have shared their reactions to the disturbing moment, one suggesting on Twitter it was “one of the most disgusting looking kisses I’ve ever seen on live TV”.

The Last Of Us
Bella Ramsey as Ellie and Anna Torv as Tess in ‘The Last Of Us’. CREDIT: HBO / Warner Media

“The last of us making me never want to kiss another human ever again,” another joked, while a third added: “Having the most horrendous dreams about the kiss in Last Of Us, why did she open her mouth like that????”.

Many more shared their thoughts on the scene:


Speaking about the horrific scene, co-creator Neil Druckmann told Entertainment Weekly: “These things don’t have to get violent unless you’re fighting them from spreading [the infection] further. That is realized in this beautiful, yet horrific way with [Tess star] Anna [Torv].”

Tess’ fate differs from the original game, which sees the character die at the hands of FEDRA soldiers.

“[Co-creator] Craig [Mazin] smartly said, ‘What can we do to separate our infected even further from zombies?’ It’s more than just a bite. There’s something else going on,” Druckmann added.

The Last Of Us
Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey lead ‘The Last Of Us’. CREDIT: Sky/HBO

“I wish we had that aha moment immediately, but we brainstormed so many different things that they could be doing. Some of them were pretty outlandish.”

Meanwhile, last week Druckmann and Mazin revealed that The Last Of Us‘ premiere was originally meant to be two episodes, before HBO’s feedback changed it to one longer episode.

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