‘The Mandalorian’ fan reimagines Star Wars show as ’90s sitcom

Introducing: ‘Grogu Pains’

A fan of The Mandalorian has reimagined the Disney+ Star Wars spin-off as a ‘90s sitcom.

Entitled Grogu Pains – a title which plays on the recently-revealed real name of Baby Yoda – the creation plays on a catalogue of sitcom cliches.

Created by Twitter user and animator Nolan Fabricius, the minute-long trailer for the show features humorous nicknames for the stars of the Disney+ show.


Giancarlo Esposito, who plays Moff Gideon in the show, is billed as “Prestige Television Antagonist” while Bill Burr (who plays Migs Mayfield) is introduced as “literally Bill Burr”.

“I have nothing to do with my time but aggressively pursue every dumb idea that pops into my head,” Fabricius tweeted alongside the trailer, which you can watch below.

Season two of The Mandalorian aired on Disney+ at the end of 2020. In an episode recap of The Mandalorian’s season finale, NME‘s Paul Bradford wrote: “That’s how you end a series. After 16 episodes of detours, U-turns and build-up, The Mandalorian finally brings everything together for one big satisfying showdown – giving us one ending and a dozen new beginnings in one.”

After the finale aired, Star Wars legend Mark Hamill said that his digitised cameo in the episode was “the greatest gift”. The veteran actor reprised his youthful Luke Skywalker for the closing episode in which special effects were used to create the image of a younger Skywalker – similar to his look in the original trilogy of films.


“#NoWords-Seeing fan’s reactions to Luke’s return is something I will cherish forever,” Hamill tweeted. “Their anticipation seeing the X-Wing/Ep. 6 Robes/a lightsaber/a GREEN lightsaber/a gloved hand/an ungloved hand/a Force choke/R2-was OVERWHELMING & very moving to me.”

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