‘The Walking Dead’: A Negan vs Simon showdown was scrapped by bosses

*Spoilers for 'The Walking Dead' season eight within*

The Walking Dead star Steven Ogg has revealed that the show’s bosses rejected an idea he proposed for a Negan vs Simon showdown.

Ogg played Simon in the show, a character who joined the show in season six (2016) as Negan’s accomplice.

Over the next few seasons, though, the duo gradually turned against each other, with Negan eventually strangling Simon to death in season eight.


Though Negan ended up killing Simon, the epic battle expected by many never really arrived — and Ogg has now revealed that he suggested his own ending to the pair’s relationship, one that bosses decided against.

Talking on the Talk Dead To Me podcast (watch below), Ogg said: “I thought, ‘I’m gonna face [Negan]. I’m gonna kneel, I’m gonna turn around, and I’m gonna put my arms behind my back, and I’m just going to stare at him.'”

He then recalled his prospective script for the scene, which would’ve read: “‘Bash my head in, kill me, but you’re gonna look me in the eyes. Let’s do this.'”

Ogg then explained how the show’s bosses turned down his idea, saying: “I made that choice, and then… they were like, ‘Interesting choice, Steven, but you’re not doing that. You’re not gonna be facing Negan eye-to-eye, turn around.’

“So that’s what happens when you have a good production, you can try stuff and they can sometimes appease you. Sometimes they just say, ‘That’s not right.'”


The Walking Dead recently shared a first glimpse at the highly anticipated season 10 finale, which has been significantly delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Though the show’s season 11 premiere has been delayed until 2021, the season 10 finale will now air on Sunday, October 4 in the US and the UK a day later. Additional bonus episodes will also be aired in early 2021.