‘The Walking Dead’: Former star Sonequa Martin-Green is gunning for a return

"That was my family before this family"

Former The Walking Dead star Sonequa Martin-Green has said she would be keen to reprise her role in a spin-off series.

The actress, who played Sasha in the show up until season seven, has said she’d love to return in light of the announcement of anthology series Tales of the Walking Dead, which promises to explore the backstories of certain characters.

“I’d love it. I’d loooooove it,” Martin-Green told Entertainment Weekly. “I love Sasha. I love The Walking Dead. That was my family before this family.


“What a blessing, by the way, that I’ve been able to be in two situations back to back that were so familiar that have such reach. I would love to. That would be so much fun.”

She continued: “I was always interested in backstory. Of course, I am as an actor with every character that I play. But as the years went on as Sasha, I was finding so much joy in developing so much backstory that no one would ever know.

“That’s one of the great things about being an actor in TV, is that you get to build so much life over the years and over the seasons.”

Martin-Green also explained that she felt she built the character herself, in terms of imagining Sasha’s career path before the apocalypse.

“I remember when I decided that I was a firefighter and then built all those memories for myself,” she said. “But then that started to become part of the conversation. And it was nice.


“It was nice to be able to create in the privacy of your own home in your own little bubble and then have that become a part of the public conversation. That was really cool to see. So, yeah, that would be great.”