‘The Walking Dead’ star Jeffrey Dean Morgan talks potential Negan spin-off: “No doors are closed”

Morgan labelled Negan "a great character with many stories to tell"

The Walking Dead star Jeffrey Dean Morgan says “no doors are closed” to a potential Negan spin-off.

Morgan has played Negan since 2016, and is set to continue the role through the show’s 11th and final season.

On Twitter this weekend (November 14), a fan asked Morgan whether he believed a Negan spin-off to be possible in the future.


“We shall see,” he replied. “I’d like to think no doors are closed. A great character with many stories to tell.

“But again, much still to do here on twd! Many episodes still to shoot. Right now I’m just excited about that!”

After The Walking Dead‘s long-awaited and coronavirus-delayed season 10 finale, titled ‘A Certain Doom’, six more bonus episodes are set to be released in early 2021 before season 11, the show’s final outing, begins.

The show will return with a 24-episode-long season 11, broken up into two parts with the first 12 episodes airing in 2021 and the second half at a yet to be announced date in 2022.


A number of spin-off projects for The Walking Dead are currently in the works, including a show focusing on Daryl and Carol, and a series of films focusing on Rick Grimes.

Fear The Walking Dead also recently returned for its sixth season, while a new spin-off called The Walking Dead: World Beyond, which pits four teens against the undead, premiered on Amazon Prime Video last month.

Reviewing season 10 finale ‘A Certain Doom’ earlier this year, NME wrote: “When those half-dozen additional episodes are out of the way, we really will be on the final stretch — and we might just look back at ‘A Certain Doom’ as the episode when the end really began for The Walking Dead.”

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