Theo James talks “natural” full frontal nude scene in ‘The White Lotus’

"It's in my contract that I'm not allowed to do anything without being completely naked"

Theo James says his nude scene in The White Lotus season two premiere “felt natural”.

“It is in my contract that I’m not allowed to do anything without being completely naked,” he joked when talking to ET about his debut in the HBO comedy. The British actor, 37, plays Cameron Babcock, a guest staying with his wife and two married friends at a White Lotus Resort in Sicily. The new season is set in the Mediterranean, while season one took place in Hawaii. The actor has previously appeared nude in series for The Time Traveler’s Wife and Sanditon.

The risky scene from the first episode features James and co-star Aubrey Plaza, who plays Harper Spiller, the wife of his friend Ethan. In it James’ character Cameron heads to the Spillers’ hotel room to borrow some swimming shorts. However, things take a turn when Harper is getting ready in the bathroom and catches a full view of Cameron naked as he’s changing.


Aubrey Plaza in ‘The White Lotus’ season two. CREDIT: HBO/SKY

Discussing the Cameron and Harper scene, the actor said: “it’s interesting, because at first we don’t know whether it’s deliberate or if it’s accidental. But, it reveals itself.” James then went on to tease that it won’t be till episode five that viewers will realise the scene has “a purpose”.

Meaghann Fahy, who plays James’ on-screen wife Daphne, added scenes like the nude one are “never arbitrary” in The White Lotus. “It’s always character-driven,” she explained. “It’s always, you know, moving the story forward.”

The White Lotus
Jennifer Coolidge returns as Tanya McQuoid. CREDIT: HBO/Sky

Despite a new location alongside new cast, season two will see the return of Jennifer Coolidge and her character Tanya McQuoid. The fan-favourite is making a return to the show alongside love interest Greg, played by Jon Gries.

The White Lotus season 2 is now airing on Sky Atlantic and is also available to stream with a NOW subscription.