‘Today’s Webtoon’: Kim Se-jeong stars in quirky new teaser

The Korean remake of 'Sleepeeer Hit!' premieres later this month

SBS has unveiled the first teaser for its upcoming K-drama, Today’s Webtoon

Today’s Webtoon is the Korean remake of the 2016 Japanese TV series Sleepeeer Hit!, and is set against the backdrop of the competitive webtoon industry in South Korea. A Business Proposal‘s Kim Se-jeong will star as the lead character of On Ma-eum, a former judo athlete who is hired as part of a webtoon editorial department as its newest rookie, and follows her journey to becoming a true editor.

The new teaser offers a first glimpse into Ma-eum’s love for webtoons, as she falls – quite literally – into the world of web comics and their stories. She’s comically enchanted by the number of options made available to her, like worlds she’s able to step into through her computer screen.


Today’s Webtoon is scheduled to premiere on South Korean TV network SBS later this month on July 29 at 10pm KST.

Today’s Webtoon is set in Neon Webtoon’s editing department, and will also star Park Ho-san (Monstrous, Penthouse), Choi Daniel (It’s Okay Not To Be Okay), Yang Hyun-min (Lovers Of The Red Sky), Kang Rae-yeon (Awaken), Nam Yoon-su (Beyond Evil, The King’s Affection) and more.

The series was directed by Doctor John director Jo Soo-won, as well as Kim Young-hwan. This is the second time the pair have collaborated as directors on a series, the last being 2016’s Gogh, The Starry Night, which also marked Kim’s directorial debut.

In other news, Extraordinary Attorney Woo is set to be adapted as a webtoon by South Korean media company ASTORY, which also announced that the 60-episode series will be made available globally and in four languages – Korean, English, Japanese and Mandarin.

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