‘Twenty Five Twenty One’’s Nam Joo-hyuk denies school bullying allegations

Management SOOP has also announced plans to take “severe legal action”

Nam Joo-hyuk’s agency has denied the school bullying allegations recently made against the Twenty Five Twenty One actor.

Yesterday (June 20), The Days News published an exclusive report that claimed the 28-year-old model-turned-actor had been a school bully for six years across his middle and high school education, as translated by Koreaboo. The the outlet’s source also alleged that they had been a victim of Nam’s bullying, and described several ways he had allegedly picked on his classmates.

Later that day, Management SOOP released a statement denying all allegations made against the Twenty Five Twenty One actor, announcing plans to take legal action against the reporter, as well as their source.


“First, we ask for your understanding in the delay in announcing our position in order to confirm the facts. After checking the truth with the actor regarding the initial report, we have confirmed that all the relevant information is not true in the slightest,” wrote the agency, as translated by Soompi.

Management SOOP went on to add that The Days News had not reached out to them nor the actor to fact-check their report. “The actor and his family are the ones who experienced the greatest pain due to the vague gossip and rumours that are thoughtless and not confirmed in the slightest,” it said.

“After this time, the agency will take severe legal action against publishing one-sided claims without checking the truth online,” it continued, promising “punishment without leniency”.

“We earnestly request that you please refrain from spreading groundless rumours or making speculative reports. With continuous monitoring, we will respond sternly through various angles,” ended the agency.