‘Twenty Five Twenty One’ star Nam Joo-hyuk reveals he gets “really stressed” while acting

He added that he “really felt [stressed]” while working on 'Twenty Five Twenty One'

Twenty Five Twenty One star Nam Joo-hyuk has opened up about his tendency to get stressed out while acting in his projects.

In a recent interview with Esquire Korea, the 28-year-old model-turned-actor, who currently stars alongside Kim Tae-ri (Space Sweepers) in the hit tvN and Netflix drama Twenty Five Twenty One, spoke about the difficulties he faces as an actor.

“I tend to get really stressed when acting,” Nam shared, as translated by Soompi, adding that he often spends much time thinking about how to bring out the full potential of the scripts he receives. “I end up having fun on set, but I get stressed when I start thinking about the direction I’m taking with acting when I’m at home.”


“Whether it’s a scene expressing explosive emotions or a calm scene, they’re both difficult,” Nam continued, adding that he “really felt [stressed]” while working on Twenty Five Twenty One. “I talked with the director and the other actors about this a lot on set, and we acted while trying to find a solution,” revealed the actor.

Elsewhere during the interview, Nam also spoke about his long-term goals as an actor, sharing that he wants his acting to be natural, as if viewers were “watching the water in a river flow”. He added: “Honestly, I do think that the viewers may be more engaged if I overdo it with my acting, but I want my acting to be natural like the way water flows.”

Twenty Five Twenty One has become one of Netflix’s most-viewed non-English shows in recent weeks, with 21million hours viewed in the week of March 14 to 20.

Other K-dramas on the list include romantic-comedy A Business Proposal, which had topped the list for that week, along with Juvenile Justice (with 17.2million hours viewed), Forecasting Love and Weather (with 13million hours viewed) and Thirty-Nine (with 9.1million hours viewed).